Best Hiking Backpacks Under 100

Best Hiking Backpacks Under 100

What should you take into consideration when shopping for the best hiking backpack under 100?

How often you plan to hike should determine how durable and quality of bag you should consider. If you plan to hike three times a year, you may need a different quality pack from those who plan to hike every other weekend.

There are a lot of options available if you’re trying to find a hiking backpack under 100 dollars. The best hiking backpacks under 100 come in different colors, materials, carrying capacities, and more. The three most important criteria for to get the best hiking backpack under 100 should be quality, capacity, and weight. But what is the best backpack for you? Read on and find out!


1. TETON Sports Explorer 4000 Internal Frame Backpack

Best Hiking Backpack Under 100

Our best bet for the money when it comes to the best hiking backpacks under 100 is the Teton Sports Explorer. With over 65 liters capacity, this backpack does not skimp on size and it also includes a rugged internal frame. It has “pass through” side pockets for tent poles and is hydration bladder “ready” which simply means that it includes clips and holes for a bladder.

Also comes with its generous sized sleeping bag compartment, again all for under $100.

This is the best hiking backpack for under 100 and it makes a lot of sense for hikers of all levels. The weight is distributed evenly and the load carries well. It’s comfortable, it’s well sized, great quality and it is durable. What more can you ask for?

2. TETON Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack

Best Hiking Backpacks Under 100

The TETON Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack has a great suspension system including padded shoulder straps, sternum strap, adjustable harness and lumbar pad that help distribute the weight on the pack on your hips and keep your back ventilated. With its sturdy buckles, a 600d rip stop nylon material and water-resistant fabric, this is one durable backpack.

Another reason it’s among the best hiking backpacks under 100 is the provisions of the bungee straps on the top and front to hold gear on the outside. Plus, there is a mesh front pocket, gear ties on the top and bottom, and compression straps to hole a sleeping pad.

Other features include a lower sleeping bag compartment, two stretch mesh side pockets, and a zippered back pocket. On top of that, this backpack is compatible with a hydration system. The main compartment can be accessed from the front or top of the pack and has a drawstring top close and also has a zip out partition to divide the main comportment.


3. BackSak Waterproof Backpack

Best Hiking Backpack Under 100

The BackSak Waterproof Backpack waterproof backpack is just the right size. It’s not too long or too short.  It comes in a variety of bright colors but if that is not your thing then you can settle for a black color.

Secondly, like I’ve already mentioned above, it is waterproof and they (the Sak guys) Guarantee it. This is what they say, “BIG & GUARANTEED WATERPROOF: Made of 500D PVC with tough welded seams, the Sak Gear 35-liter BackSak Backpack seals out rain, snow, sand & mud. Not happy? Return it anytime for a full refund.”  No loss there…if unhappy you get your money back.

Still need another reason as to why this backpack made the best hiking backpacks under 100? How about they care for your safety so much that they made sure you and your backpack are visible in the dark by including a Reflective patch. This backpack checks all the right boxes and for the price it is really worth it.


4. The Scandinavian Gear 65L Backpack

Best Hiking Backpacks Under 100

The Scandinavian Gear 65l is a Multi-day Pack for Hiking, Camping, Travel & Backpacking with Rain Cover – Large Rucksack for Men & Women with Hydration. It comes in Red, Gray and White.

Here is a list of what you should expect from this backpack.

  • Main compartment conveniently accessible from top, side and bottom
  • Side, top, waist and inner pocket & two water bottle mesh pockets
  • Adjustable torso & adjustable chest, shoulder and hip straps
  • Water resistant & repellent body (not water proof)
  • Rain cover included with backpack

All that plus the fact that it has good suspension and includes a whistle and reflective strips (safety first) is the reason it made it to the list of the best hiking backpacks under 100.


Best Hiking Backpacks

There are basically two hiking equipment that can determine the overall comfort outdoors – the hiking backpacks and the hiking boots. These two items, in some cases, can also be the heart of the success of your outdoor adventure. Into these hiking packs, you would toss your food, clothes, stove, tent, sleeping bag and other hiking supplies and hiking gear.

Best Hiking Backpacks 

Traditional hiking backpacks come in two major configurations: external- and internal-frame models. You can choose a wide array of sizes and weights in each of these two categories; and manufacturers design each for different purpose.

A third category of lightweight packs, ideal for ultralight hiking, are also available in the market. These are considered to be modified versions of the old frameless rucksacks that have incorporated the load-management designs of the heavier, internal-frame models.

External-Frame Hiking Backpacks

External-frame packs, such as the Coleman Exponent Livingston Backpack, come in frames which are visible outside the pack. You will put your hiking gear into the sacks which are attached to different parts of the aluminum-alloy frame. The purpose of the frame is to distribute the weight you carry when you go hiking.

Your center of gravity is rather high with an external-frame hiking pack. In some ways, and largely because the weight of the pack will exert less pressure on the upper back, shoulders, and neck, external-frame packs may seem more comfortable. However, the higher center of gravity can make your balance unstable, especially for women whose natural center of gravity is much lower. Other advantages of external-frame packs are the pockets and pouches that they usually have. These are particularly useful for sorting out your hiking gear.

Internal-Frame Hiking Backpacks

Internal-frame packs, like Coleman Chickapin X65 Internal Packs are very similar to duffel bags fitted with inside frames. The frame might be a frame sheet, stays, or a combination of both. The frame sheet (usually a rigid plastic sheet) helps distribute weight, much like an external frame, whereas the stays typically are metal rods inserted lengthwise to strengthen the pack.

You must see to it that the internal-frame hiking backpack you choose fits snugly on your back. Packs vary in length of torso, so you should look for the one that fits properly. Check if the stays in the internal-frame hiking pack need to be bent to follow the curve of your back. Since these types of packs are close fit, they are not carried up and apart from the body but will hug and follow the contours of your body. This feature makes it easier for you to maneuver when executing twist and bend movements.

Lightweight Hiking Backpacks

If you aim for lightweight backpack hiking, you’ll have to go back to the purely functional. Lightweight hiking backpacks are rucksacks ruthlessly stripped down to what is essential. Weight-bearing features that made traditional packs ride more easily on the back and the extra pouches are gone. Their back-to-the-basics attitude forces you to think through your hiking needs. If your load is not so heavy, for instance, load-lifter straps are unnecessary.

This makes lightweight packs tend to snag or pull your back down, interfering with your balance and straining your upper torso and neck. As a seasoned hiker, however, you can arrange your load to achieve some stability with the pack.

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